1. notleia says:

    But you’re leaving out an important part of the story: how are we supposed to understand your parents’ motivation for forbidding Star Wars?


    Also, Darth Vader never said anything when he turned on the Emperor. Nope. Not a thing. Definitely not something horrifically melodramatic.

  2. Khai says:

    These questions, I don’t like them. The way I read them, they are set up – it’s obvious what the “Right” or “Godly” or “Biblical” answer is supposed to be for each one.

    I’ll answer one from my point of view, as an example of what I mean, above.

    Q: Re. Leia and Liberated Bikini scene…etc.

    A: Leia freed herself. That Bikini Scene where Luke walks into Jabba’s lair to find (his sister) Leia chained by the throat as a sex slave, was a pivotal moment for Star Wars history. This is the first time in 3 movies Leia is dressed, positioned and in a role where she stops being presented as  what she is (a character who moves the plot) and is instead dressed & present specifically FOR the male audience’s gaze. Her identity is lost, her function in the movie has been lost. In a way, Leia died as a character and became the sexy prop that most female characters are in movies (even if they wear a nun’s outfit).

    BUT…then Leia comes back to life. She resurrects, like a Phoenix from the ashes. As the action starts, she jumps onto Jabba, takes her sexy bondage fetish choker chain and strangles him with it. Then she jumps onto the barge with a blaster for the getaway. And it is very important that she does ALL OF THIS in the brass bikini loincloth thingy. SHE becomes the active independently deciding and acting, plot driving (actual) character again. But she’s still wearing her prison suit. Because it’s not HER. SHE is MORE than the body they put on display. She triumphs not only over Jabba the Hutt, but sexist erasing of her character (embodied by that bikini).

    Do I think the director should have put her in it in the first place? No. But LEIA survived it. Because we see her “Return” to life, and what she does become the focus of her character (and overshadows the stupid supine positioning and sex slave girl fantasy). That is a worthwhile transformation to see, because that bounceback so rarely happens in movies with female roles.

    Now THAT is badass – screw Katniss Everdeen. 😀

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