Thankful for the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special?

The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special is widely considered one of the worst pieces of entertainment of all time. Yet even it leaves me reasons to be thankful.
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In November of 1978, when the now rather infamous Star Wars Holiday Special aired, I was ten years old. I watched the special myself, on CBS. I’d seen Star Wars three times in the theater, in an era in which most people only watched any movie only once (unless a movie was re-released, as the Walt Disney fairy tale stories often were). I was as much a target audience for the TV show as there ever could be, yet at the time I was mostly unimpressed. But I’m thankful to have witnessed it, and think there’s some lessons to draw from the show worth applying this US holiday of Thanksgiving.

Note that at the time, seeing Star Wars (which hit theaters in 1977) only three times as a kid was a bit like Charlie in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only buying two Wonka bars–he obviously would have bought more, but couldn’t afford it. I overheard other kids at the time saying they saw Star Wars as many as a dozen times or more. Clearly not everyone was that much of a fanatic, but for those who were not alive then it’s hard to explain how much of a phenomenon A New Hope was (note that nobody back then called it A New Hope–everyone said “Star Wars“). Lots of people saw it far more times than anybody thought was normal at that time.

Furthermore, back in 1978, I lived well outside of the small town of Whitefish, Montana. Cable TV existed back then, but we didn’t have it (we were outside the service zone). Our TV antenna picked up one and only one channel–which was an NBC outlet (on which I’d watched the original Star Trek cartoon as it aired earlier in the 70’s). So in order to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special, I had to spend the night at a friend’s house. It’s sad perhaps, but I don’t even remember which friend I stayed with–but I do remember the Holiday Special, though not in comprehensive detail.

I remember it as a show which focused on Chewbacca’s family, his wife and son and father, as they prepared to celebrate a so-called Life festival that obviously was meant to parallel the US holiday of Thanksgiving. (The parallels with our own place and time struck me as too much to really make sense in context of the Star Wars universe, even when I was ten–but I didn’t hate it for that.) Han and Chewie were eager to come to this celebration, but were blocked for some reason. They eventually arrived, and the various bits of strange Star Wars-themed entertainment that were tucked into the special ended and the viewing audience got the chance to see the main Star Wars actors together. I found that moment to be the highlight of the show and that it more or less justified the rest, which mostly was not very interesting to me.

The main characters assemble in the Holiday Special. Credit:

I had no idea then that the special would eventually be considered one of the worst pieces of television of all time. Not so bad it’s good–it’s widely considered to manage to be full-time cringe-worthy, painful to watch, without the enjoyment that comes from laughing at genuinely campy entertainment. (If you are curious as to why the holiday special is seen as so terrible, follow this link to a recent USA Today article about it.)

I vaguely remember an original cartoon that was aired with the special. It made no real impression on me at the time, but it introduced Boba Fett as a character and today, post facto, is considered the best part of the Holiday Special. I just watched this cartoon on YouTube (you can too if you follow this link–it’s a bit over 9 minutes long) and would say it’s only so-so at best. But it isn’t absolutely horrible and it did introduce a character who would prove to be iconic. So even what is widely seen as total garbage as a piece of entertainment had at least one success story.

Boba Fett makes his exit in the 1978 cartoon. Credit:

And that’s what makes me feel thankful about the Star Wars Holiday Special. I haven’t seen it again since 1978, but it must have been pretty terrible to fail to impress me at the time–yet still, it contained one good thing, one positive aspect worth remembering.

It’s just so easy to be critical of entertainment that isn’t our cup of tea, an attitude I’m guilty of plenty of times myself. Unless all is perfectly to our standard, we don’t like it. In a way, that make sense–only one cockroach at a restaurant table normally causes people to call everything they’ve been served in that place into question.

Yet isn’t part of the spirit of Thanksgiving to find the good, even if it’s surrounded by bad? To be grateful for what we have received, instead of griping about what we haven’t?

I didn’t even like the Star Wars Holiday Special at the time all that much, but I’m thankful to have witnessed it in its original context. As a piece of my personal history, I’m thankful for it.

And isn’t it encouraging, for those of us who create stories, to think that even a real stinker of a piece of entertainment can have at least one good aspect? I mean, even if we authors fail to obtain our lofty goals for a story, that doesn’t necessarily mean all is lost. One small thing can make a positive impression on others, even if our critical selves see nothing but our own shortcomings.

So let me end this by calling on those who create stories to give themselves a break from self-criticism. Be thankful you can create at all–to be able to do so is a genuine gift. 🙂

Travis Perry is a hard-core Bible user, history, science, and foreign language geek, hard science fiction and epic fantasy fan, publishes multiple genres of speculative fiction at Bear Publications, is an Army Reserve officer with five combat zone deployments. He also once cosplayed as dark matter.
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  1. *warbles the “Life Day” song, Carrie Fisher-style*

    I remember seeing the special when it first aired too. Even as an eight-year-old my reaction was a nose-wrinkling “HUH???” and a wish that I might never have to sit through anything that embarrassingly bad (and dull!) again. And I haven’t! I’m thankful.

    I am also thankful for the Muppets episode featuring Mark Hamill in character as Luke Skywalker accompanied by R2-D2, which I HAVE watched more than once. Because it’s the Muppets.

    • Travis Perry says:

      I don’t remember the Muppets episode, but no doubt it was better than the Holiday Special. Pretty much everything was, lol.

      But on the other hand it was the 70s. There was plenty of truly abysmal entertainment back then! 🙂

      • Well, yeah. I look back at the 70’s and early 80’s shows I loved as a child, and now they just make me cringe. But at the time, they seemed like dazzling pieces of entertainment that set my imagination on fire… except for the Star Wars Holiday Special, apparently! 😀

  2. Steve Smith says:

    Interesting… I don’t remember this Thanksgiving special at all and I saw Star Wars 11 times in the theater. ?

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