1. Elizabeth says:

    One thing that always bothered me about the Star Wars films was the scene in Jabba’s palace, or more specifically, under it. Why the droid torture chamber? If droids could be programmed to obey, why use that area as a means to teach them a lesson, learn respect. The droid in charge of that area (EV-9D9, I think) implied a threat by informing C3PO of what happened to the last protocol droid. He was then fitted with a restraining bolt in Jabba’s palace.

    I agree with your thoughts, that restraining bolts and such could have been measures to prevent the droid from returning to the original master. But the torture chamber? What was the point of searing one droid’s feet or pulling another droid apart? Just more questions 🙂

    And isn’t it credible? Not that I agree with doing so, but scientists have already managed to clone animals. Just one more step, right? Puts a knot in my stomach to think about it.

  2. notleia says:

    The thing is, the droids are characters. Their sentience is an illusion, like all other characters’. Would we even care about these fictional machines if they didn’t have the trappings of personality?

    Today’s meta commentary is brought to you by the letter さ.

  3. To piggyback on Notleia’s comment: the droids are as much a character as anyone else in the fictional Star Wars universe. While they are machines, they are presented as having far more personality and will than, say, the ships and dwellings. They don’t appear unhappy in their lot as property, but they are more than toasters. Honestly, if Data is allowed to have sentience and chose his destiny, C-3PO and any other droids ought to be afford the same respect as characters.

    And why stop with these two fandoms for such an important, timely topic? The whole debate of machine sentience and the possibility of a soul is a well-traveled science fiction subject that has been explored in many different mediums and eras. The best exploration of the subject from a Christian perspective, for my money, is the Lamb Among the Stars by Chris Walley (I will keep plugging this series until it gets the attention it deserves). The author really delves into the spiritual possibilities of a sentient, “artificial” life form.

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