1. SynCallio says:

    I come from a long line of Christian geeks. My dad’s family is full of geeky Christians: one uncle is a Baptist pastor, and it’s him and his wife who introduced me to such things as Firefly and Mystery Science Theater. I have a copy of A Wizard of Earthsea that belonged to my great-grandmother, who was a missionary and a pastor’s wife.  My dad’s an elder in our church, and he would take us kids to see comets, and read books like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit to us before bed. It’s been great watching my nephews get into things like Star Wars.
    To me, it’s been tremendously valuable that my parents let us read/watch things that maybe didn’t always jive with our beliefs. Because we talked about it, and they encouraged us to think first and judge later, and to notice the parts that did agree. A guy I knew in college once pointed out that one thing he loved about Star Wars was Han’s story: Han doesn’t believe in the Force (at least at first), yet he was pivotal in restoring balance to the Force. You don’t have to believe in God for God to use you.
    Or as a wise man once said, “All truth is God’s truth.” It may be fragmented, distorted, mixed in with other things, and so on, but truth shouldn’t be denied just because it showed up somewhere strange.

    • Allan Reini says:

      It always amazes me just how many of us (Christian Geeks) there are. Your list of influences from your uncle, grandmother, and dad read like it was taken directly from our shelves at our home. (Although I have to admit I am unfamiliar with A Wizard of Earthsea–another one to add to my list. Thank you!)
      I’m thankful that the word is getting out that we Christian nerds are out there, we have a rich family tradition, and our ranks are growing!  Sites like Speculative Faith, as well as podcasts like The Sci-Fi Christian, Strangers and Aliens, and Geekually Yoked (among many, many others) are doing a great job of advancing the conversation.

  2. Becky says:

    I thank my dad for turning me into a Christian geek. And that’s not sarcasm, I’m really grateful. I think I first watched the original Star Wars trilogy when I was seven or eight years old, curled up beside him on the couch. (My personal favorite is Return of the Jedi; seeing Ewoks beat the stuffing out of stormtroopers still makes me squeal with glee.) 
    Dad introduced me to so many great stories (Star Wars only being the first) that shaped my decision to become a scifi/fantasy writer.

  3. Julie D says:

    While my mom read LWW to me, I can’t say I have a family heritage of geekdom.  Narnia is the only spec stuff I can refer to and have everyone know what I mean–and even then, sometimes it requires a lot of prodding.  LotR? Maybe. Doctor Who? Only the 12 year old? Graphic novels? Forget it.
    I want to raise a family of geeks someday, but right now I’m stuck.

    • Allan Reini says:

      Narnia is an AWESOME choice to begin your family’s journey to nerdom! As the kids age, all the other choices will flow naturally, I’m thinking! Geek on!

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