1. notleia says:

    Nostalgia Critic Jurassic World review plug (CN: swearing): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6umfTLuCI8

    He actually thought it was a wasted opportunity to have a theme park full of dino snacks and only one scene where they took advantage of it, rather than rehash the “hunting dinos in the jungle” thing again. Anonymous deaths may have less emotional impact than a named character, but why have all these people if they’re barely going to affect the plot? Structurally, it undermines what stakes are based on the potential dino buffet.

    • dmdutcher says:

      That might tip it too much into horror territory, though. You might turn off the moms and kids who are there to see cool dinosaurs.

      I’m surprised though we don’t see  the horror angle with dinosaurs, save for something like Roger Corman’s Carnosaur. I remember seeing that video of a lifesize Utah Raptor puppet in an Australian mall, and it’s easily twice the size of a lion or tiger. Those things could probably tear us apart.

    • That they didn’t die doesn’t mean they served no purpose. They were definitely a motivating factor in the decisions different people made.


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