1. Kirsty says:

    Otoh, Stargate tried (increasingly successfully) to reflect real military protocol. And it doesn’t suffer from that. There’s enough weirdness happening – realism balances that, I think.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    I’ve had to the chance to work with European militaries on many occasions, including troops from the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Danes and others. (Mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

    The Eastern Europeans are more old-school, but the Western NATO allies have a looser discipline and lower level of formality that is quite Star Trek-like. So I don’t think Star Trek shows military life in an entirely realistic way. I just think it’s not what we would see in the USA. Though I agree Star Trek has unrealistic military moments, overall it isn’t bad.

    Star Wars tried to portray a really desperate situation in which anybody still living would get a big promotion. Sometimes they were successful in creating that culture and sometimes not, but combat-related stuff in Star Wars is often at odds with any form of realism, more often than Star Trek (which also has weird and goofy moments). In my estimation. 🙂

    • Travis Perry says:

      Oops, one of my sentences says: “So I don’t think Star Trek shows military life in an entirely realistic way.”

      I mean to say, “So I don’t think Star Trek shows military life in an entirely UNrealistic way.”

  3. Travis is right. In the Star Wars universe, most people don’t have much combat experience, so anyone who is half-decent seems to get promoted. (In The Clone Wars, Jedi Apprentices in their early teens sometimes led in combat.)
    Another interesting worldbuilding thing to think about in the Star Wars universe is that the Empire had only been around twenty years, and before The Clone Wars, it seems there was no galactic army so it’s possible that these guys didn’t get good training since very few people came from military backgrounds. By the time the Ewoks attacked, it’s also likely that many troops, especially the ones on backward places like Endor, were very green and undertrained.
    The Ewoks seem war-like, and since they were apparently trapping giant predators in nets, (That meat bait wasn’t there to catch humans) it indicates that they had to fight their whole lives to stay at the top of the food chain, so this could be a case of extremely skilled killers with sub-par technology going against a bunch of inexperienced and over-confident troops who were not trained for this sort of thing.

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