1. One TV series that didn’t ignore religion was Firefly. It portrayed Shepherd Book positively and he seemed to be Christian of an unknown denomination.

  2. jesusknight says:

    One t.v. show in particular, Supernatural, portrays God as a regular person in the form of Chuck, the writer of their life story in the show. It also regularly pushes the norm on morality issues and family as well. Very interesting watching it from a Christian point of view.

  3. Michael A. Bowie says:

    I don’t think Roddenbery explored religion in science fiction I think C.S. Lewis did. Roddenberry seemed to rewrite the narrative so Christians will their money to him instead. Every chance he would get he would slap the faith with this how it really happened.

  4. Stan Johnston says:

    You touch on some memorable sci-fi moments, Joshua. Religion of the future is a fascinating topic that is rarely discussed. Truth is, most in the genre try hard to avoid it. The result is a very sterile community of the future — or, in the case of Firefly, people who just want to meddle. That opens the door for the most common approach to religion in science fiction: Make the characters their own gods. So say we all!

  5. “Science fiction takes wildly divergent views of religion.” As do people.

    Nice article!

  6. sherrytbb says:

    David Weber’s Honor Series showed religion in all its messy flavors.

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