1. Great article. Having seen the movie last week, I agree pretty much entirely. And the discussion is definitely worth having!

  2. Great article as usual Travis. Largely, it all comes down to fact that the nihilisitic agenda is on a rampage and these types of scenarios creep into our consciousness. If we don’t have those such as yourself writing to thwart this wave of nilhilism, we’ll see nothing but the cosmic madness of Rick and Morty and along with the rise in suicides. I sound extreme but it’s nevertheless the case.

    I did enjoy the movie but I was irritated with the “Jesus’ comment. I was like, why is it okay to mock? Other than that, the other problem I saw is that if Thanos is like the Devil, then, the other agenda–showing that Satan is simply misunderstood is also on the rise.

    Lord Jesus come quick!

  3. Aaron A. Schlegel says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but this is a great article Travis!

  4. Tim Brown says:

    I am reminded of the reason I stopped reading very much new science fiction and fantasy (comics included), when I realized that the default (almost immutable) mindset in those genres is ‘everything can be true except Christianity.’ It is one of my disappointments in the Marvel cineverse that they couldn’t let Steve Rogers keep his faith and express it at least as much as he did in the earlier films; it was refreshing to see someone who at least seemed to be a believer without being a lunatic, pervert, or hypocrite, or even a designated clergyman.

    • Travis Perry says:

      Yes, I agree. Steve Rogers in this movie was not bent into a disillusioned Christian or a “born again” atheist. But his faith (as expressed in the first Avengers movie), has not been demonstrated openly in some time now. Unfortunately.

  5. Good article, Travis. Yes, enjoying a film, being entertained, should not overshadow our awareness of the worldview being espoused. So glad you have reminded us of this.


  6. Mike says:

    I …”cringe” isn’t quite the word, but close enough… every time my favorite shows and movies throw that kind of worldview into the story.
    “Six stones, the Infinity Stones, were made up of the foundational materials of the Universe…” would work just as well as what we got, if “preaching” in some respect was not intended.
    Like you said, it is a very entertaining movie… a really, really good movie… but, they simply don’t share our worldview.

  7. Dona says:

    Yes, I did see the naturalistic metaphysics. I’ve just started reading your articles so I’m interested in reading more to see how writers do the opposite to show God’s creation. Very interesting.

    • Travis Perry says:

      Thank you for your interest.

      My current focus has been more about what we see in the secular world and not how to counter it. Your comment has made me realize that I eventually need to follow up by talking about how Christian writers ought to do things differently.

  8. David Royal Dill says:

    Great article – well written. I completely agree this is a discussion we should all be involved with.

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