1. If I see any of the series, I think it would be on Netflix or DVD. It’s pretty rare for me to go to the theater in the first place.

    The series seems interesting. It does sound like some people from the mental health community would object to aspects of it, though. A lot of times in media, mental conditions(or even just the mentally ill) aren’t depicted accurately and people hate that such misinformation is spreading. Personally, I think it’s fine to have some shows that are inaccurate, but hopefully accurate shows will be made to counter the inaccurate ones. Or viewers should just take movies as inspiration to do research on the topic in real life.

  2. I remember seeing Unbreakable years and years ago and really liking it, mainly due to the reveal at the end. But nothing on earth could move me to see the sequel Split – I hate the way mental issues are portrayed in a lot of media. And this one doesn’t motivate me whatsoever. I think I’m content to think of the first movie as a stand-alone.

    • Travis Perry says:

      The power of Split resided in an actor portraying a personality disorder that probably doesn’t exist in the real world–but movie Split actually says that. It overtly discusses how multiple personality disorder is not a real thing–except this one guy…who is in fact a sort of “super” person. The concept isn’t as offensive to mental heath realty as you might think.

      • Tony Breeden says:

        That’s not quite accurate. Dissociative identity disorder is rare but it exists. I read of one woman whi had 11 different alters. On the other hand, people with DID are far more likely to harm themselves than others. So the serial killer alter is the made-up part.

        RE: “an interesting quirk of the superhero film genre is “real” superheroes mostly exist in a universe in which fictional superheroes don’t exist.”

        Yet this is exactly the tack I took with Johnny Came Home (https://tinyurl.com/yy9npnck). The idea was that the myths and legends of old, as well as superheroes, were based on people with extraordinary abilities.

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