1. Galadriel says:

    That last paragraph was absolutely hilarious. I love it, absolutely love it.

  2. Continues to be a fun story, Fred. Anybody ever tell you, you’ve got talent?


  3. Fred Warren says:

    Thanks, Galadriel and Becky–I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
    The thing I didn’t expect when I started this was how hard it’s been to keep it goofy and lighthearted. Even doing a send-up of Pinocchio, it wants to be a horror story. The Disney movie version in particular has some of the most terrifying imagery in their entire library–it’s like a YA version of The Prodigal Son written by Stephen King.

  4. Of course you realise the most perfect thing to do with these when you get done is put them all together and sell them as a novella… 😛

    • Fred Warren says:

      A novella? Perhaps if I survive the experience. I’m beginning to wonder how many more episodes I can write before I turn into a wombat. I’m already shaving twice a day and having problems conjugating verbs.

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