1. Galadriel says:

    I like this format…should be interesting. I’ve read some things about it  by Madeline L’Engle in Walking on Water.

  2. What did L’Engle have to say about them, I wonder, Galadriel?

    I believe she has a Catholic background, correct? If so, she would indeed be more comfortable with icons — either used correctly, or used otherwise.

    Protestants may get away with icon worship by a neat little trick: by not calling them icons. See, instead we call them Role Models.

    Example: Tim Tebow. Some rare Christian sorts may “iconicize” him. Then other Christians, forgetting that Tebow may actually be awesome and that any rare folks’ iconicization is not his fault, blast the wrong supposed motives. And around and around we go, missing what really leads to idolatry and other sins: not the things or people who are idolized or “iconicized,” but the sinner’s own sinful heart.

    Meanwhile, I greatly anticipate more of this series. I’ll have part 2 this Thursday.

  3. Fred Warren says:

    Madeleine L’Engle was an Episcopalian.

  4. Aha. And that is why I need actually to read her books. Thanks for the fact-check!

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