1. Galadriel says:

    Last night I was thinking about my life up this point, and going backwards it’s college, high school, everything else. And the “everything else” can best be divided by the books I was reading. It’s odd, looking back at the dreams I was having at any time can pretty well point what I was reading then– Left Behind 2004ish,  Redwall 2006, etc.

  2. Sarah Sawyer says:

    Well said, Rachel! Few things prepare one for writing like reading large numbers of good books. Like you, I’m a fast reader and have read more novels than I could even begin to count. It’s broadened my imagination, expanded my understanding, and given me fresh perspective on very real issues. Not to mention that God often speaks to me or illuminates certain concepts through story.
    I have encountered those who think there’s nothing of value in fiction, but I’ve seen enough meaningful change in my own life to know that’s not the case.

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  4. Marion says:

    That was an excellent post, Rachel.
    I just posted an article on my blog about the same thing.
    Reading Fiction is not a waste of time and gives the reader a better insight into human nature.

  5. TheQuietPen says:

    Excellent take on the value and power of fictional narrative!  You’re preaching to the choir here as well, but it’s good to be affirmed nonetheless.  I spent countless hours in fictional worlds, and writing hundreds of pages of stories.  At my worst, Satan really tries to pound into me how “worthless” it all is and how I should be doing more “real stuff” and less “stupid stories.”   Then God reminds me that this is His calling on my life, for His glory, and to keep running the writing race for Him!

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