1. Colleen Snyder says:

    I echo your sentiment that to be an encouragement from the sidelines is great, but can we do more? Can we pass living water to those who don’t even know they’re thirsty, but are running, running, running? If our stories are written from the perspective of, “What do You want me to say, Lord?” then we can be sure what we write will reach its intended target. In preaching the Kingdom, Jesus addressed both the suffering of the day and the sin that was its root. Writing speculative fiction that has a message… wasn’t that the parables? Stories spoken with a meaning for those that would hear? As Christian writers, whether speculative or not, our writing isn’t for our own enjoyment, nor for “tickling the ears” of readers. We write as to the Audience of One. If He is pleased, all is well. When we start from the place of obedience, of “What do You want me to do?” we get our answers. At the heart of every writer who knows Christ, loves Him, follows Him, and “in Him we live and move and have our being” is the desire to serve Him. When we do, the stories come. I’m preaching to the choir, most likely. But it is my thought on the matter.

  2. Thank you for this challenge and for pointing out Hebrews 12:1-2. I am reminded of Jesus and how he answered questions. He cut to the heart of things in such an astonishing way that everyone was amazed and even silenced. As you wrote above, we can follow his example and search for the core of our hurts. I can try my best to present story conflict, characters, and their ideas honestly. My favorite books ask more questions than they answer and always point to hope and redemption.

  3. TGM says:

    “Peaceful Protests?” What peaceful protests? All I have seen riot after riot after riot and quite frankly; I am tired of it.

    • Been in contact with my BFF in Toledo. She says all the protests there were peaceful but they ended after a week or so.
      The peaceful protests are a thing of the past.

    • TGM, that’s why the first word in the article is “riots.” Though there may not be peaceful protests you’re aware of, there are quite a few. We can argue whether they are justified, but we would be remiss to assert they do not exist.


  4. My latest book is not about “social issues” so much as two mentalities plaguing us now.
    Hopelessness and legalism.
    Maxwell’s Metamorphoses contains the themes of hope and grace.
    Not about escapism, but our need to get current problems in perspective. Paranormal fantasy set in the “real world” but back in the nineties.

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