1. audie says:

    I wonder if you would explain something, please.

    You reference many scriptural passages in your book, which is good; however, at one point, you insert something that seems very troubling. It concerns the fall of Lucifer, on p. 161 of your story.

    “God commanded all the Angels in the Heavens to bow down to Adam, the first Man, and worship him because he was created in the image of God. Thus, He made all the Angels the servants of Man. One of the most beautiful and powerful Archangels, Lucifer, refused to bow down to Adam. For he thought himself superior and equal to God in power and beauty. He exalted himself above all the creations of God, and rebelled against Him with a third of the Angels of the Heavens, whom he deceived.”

    The idea of God telling angels to worship man is rather strange, and is not a part of any biblical text about the fallen angels. God is the only one worthy of worship, and God would not tell angels to worship anyone else.

    Do you have a reason in the story itself that this is a part of the story? At the least, this kind of thing could cause confusion, especially among the young readers this story seems aimed for.

What do you think?