1. Kathleen Eavenson says:

    What about Karen Hancock’s *Arena*? Starts out here on Earth & finishes here with the whole arena adventure in between.Always liked that novel.

    Or what would someone like N Knight Shamalian (sp?) do with *The Five Times I Met Myself* by James Rubart?

    • Kathleen Eavenson says:

      Oops, that should be M. Knight… Sorry.

    • Arena! Interesting choice. Yes, I can see that as a movie. There’s enough action adventure, and intrigue–mysterious intrigue. What is this, how do we get out, is the danger real? That would be a cool movie.


      • Oh, and Rubart’s Book Of The Year novel–hate to admit it, but I haven’t read it yet. The title alone makes me think it’s a special book, though. And if it’s anything like some of M Knight Shyamalan’s movies, well, of course it would be great if he produced it.

        That would be a good add question: which book and who should produce it.

        Trouble is, I don’t know that much about producers. Others would have to comment on that. Shyamalan just happens to stand out!


  2. Michael Blaylock says:

    As a guy who loves animated movies and series, I’m totally cool with Christian stuff coming via paint and pixel. Hope I can be part of it someday.

  3. There are probably a few Christian speculative stories that could be done with a lower budget. Kenan by Karis Waters comes to mind. It’s a thriller set in the near future. It would also be nice to see a Christian film that didn’t revolve around Christianity since something like that could cross genres and be enjoyed by the general audience.
    The animation option is another good one, especially for MG and YA books. In the last decade or so, people have started to realize that just because something’s animated, that doesn’t mean it’s just for kids. I’ve seen DC cartoons that are PG-13, so this shows there’s obviously adults watching cartoons. TV shows, like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, have also taken on dark and mature storylines.

  4. Steve Taylor says:

    Many years ago Hollywood was going to make a movie version of This Present Darkness however it was never made. There are dozens of speculative Christian books that would make great movies. I think the Circle Trilogy from Dekker would be a huge hit. Lawhead’s Song of Albion would be fantastic. I’d even go see Amish Vampires in Space too. The more I think if it I’d say there are hundreds of great spec novels that would make fantastic movies. Now all we need is a few hundred million to get the ball rolling.

    • Tracey Dyck says:

      The Circle series would be incredible, I agree! So would Dragons in Our Midst by Bryan Davis, but with the abundance of dragons, I wouldn’t want any low-budget company to even touch it. Lawhead’s Bright Empires series would also be thrilling to see in film. (And I must confess to daydreaming about my own dragon-riddles stories making it to the big screen one day.)

      • Oh, my, Bright Empires? There would be so many different locations! I think that would definitely have to be a BIG budget film series.

        Donita Paul’s dragon books would require many dragons, similar to Bryan Davis’s first series.

        Interesting that you’ve daydreamed your own stories onto the big screen. 🙂


        • Tracey Dyck says:

          It would definitely need a huge budget! But still, one can dream, right? 🙂

          Rachelle Dekker’s “The Choosing” could be a fun movie too, come to think of it. So would any of Andrew Klavan’s books (but not all of them would be considered spec fic).

    • Yeah, it comes back to that money thing, doesn’t it. I’ll say again, if there’s a Christian out there with money to burn and who wants to invest in ministry, stories that point people to Christ are powerful and should not be considered as less missional than some of the programs that feed and care for the body.


    • notleia says:

      Didn’t they make “House” by Dekker/Peretti into a movie? Except the guy I heard about it from thought the only decent actor in it was the girl cast as the creepy-somewhat-magical girl.

  5. Cindy says:

    I think the market is there for this genre of movie. This is the time for Christian graphic artists and screen writers and actors/actresses to step forward and take up the challenge! They would have my support, that’s for sure. We’ve been out of the loop for over a decade, so not so sure about book titles, but I love Christian fiction. I think of stuff I’ve read by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. (That’s how long it’s been for me . . .) Oh, yes, I clicked “notify of new replies” so I can get some title ideas 🙂

    • Cindy, browse the “library” too—you’ll find all kinds of Christian speculative titles—indie published, traditionally published, sci fi, fantasy, supernatural, horror, dystopian, steampumk, you name it, we probably have listed the speculative genre you’re looking for that Christians have written.


  6. Hello, my Christian supernatural novel, Walker’s Vale is presently in pre-production with Allegentsia Productions being developed into a film.

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