1. Joanna says:

    THIS. 😀 I have nothing to add.

  2. Sherwood Smith says:

    Oh, so true!

  3. J. S. Bailey says:

    This. Was. Awesome.

  4. Clint Hall says:

    I came  here to make sure Firefly was mentioned. I’m leaving satisfied.
    (Nice job)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Yes. Excellent. Thank you!

  6. Dawn Ford says:

    You get me. You really, really get me. *sniff*

  7. Steve C. says:

    Love it! Freedom in Christ also means the freedom to dream, and create IN Christ.
    Praise the Lord!

  8. Kim says:

    Yeap, that sounds about right.  i love that you’ve added the Doctor Who stuff.  I sometimes have to remember Jesus is God, not the Doctor, LOL!! But I love how God has blessed my imagination and how He leads me to enjoy Geeky things like dressing up like an elf and going to the Medieval faire.  He’s given me the idea to make Elven gowns for women to sell at the faire and to pass on the gospel.  I’ve sold my first novel, so I’m hoping to squeeze in the gowns somehow.  (I think turning off the TV might be the first step, LOL!)  Anyway, Geek brothers and sisters in Christ, give that gift of Geekiness to Christ Jesus and allow Him to use you to change the world.  A shame that Paul didn’t add Geekiness to the list of gifts from the Holy Spirit.  That would have been too cool!!  

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  10. Galadriel says:

    And for those who are wondering about 7b, we had a post on it Wednesday

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  12. I have this “thang” about speculative fiction being just for geeks. But when you describe Abraham, Enoch, Noah, and co. as geeks, well then, that’s company I’d be happy to keep.

    I guess where my views digress is that I think God created every last one of us with the kind of creativity and imagination you describe. So it’s not really geeky at all to imagine yourself approaching the Throne when you pray, I don’t think.

    In reality I think it’s sad that others don’t allow themselves to go there in their mind’s eye. No, we won’t get it “right,” in the sense that what we’re imagining of necessity will align with God’s actual Throne, but He’s given us plenty to work with in Scripture.

    Of course, as you so well described, there are other gods that play a part in this.

    Thanks for a lighthearted, yet thought-provoking post.


  13. AshleeW says:

    Um … brilliant. And absolutely true 🙂

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