1. notleia says:

    I dunno, the Nostalgia Critic has made a huge following by being negative about dumb movies, but at the same time, he’s fully capable of reveling in the good stuff. But the moral of this story is “people like enthusiasm.”
    Still not enough to make me like Ken Ham, though.

  2. Great article. I love the “disregard geek-grumpiness; acquire delight.” There has been so much negativity that I have finally walked away from many of my circles. So in answer to your question, #2 appeals so much more than #1. Let’s talk about what we like and enjoy and share our enthusiasm instead of gathering under rainclouds with Eeyore and bemoaning everything that’s bad.

    • Amen!

      I wish to stress that I by nature have many grumpy-geek tendencies. It’s not like I’ve reached this plateau of pure “delightedness” without nitpickiness. There will always be some nitpickiness, if for no other reason than that Christians are called to be discerners of truth and beauty, sorting it from lies and ugliness. Only in the New Heavens and New Earth will we attain this kind of “delightedness” standard.

  3. Julie D says:

    This isn’t just a problem in Christian geeks–it’s a problem with geeks in general. Why else are half the online posts about Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat full of hate and insults. calling him sexist, homophobic, and a horrible writer.
    Anything can have problematic elements. Most things will, depending on how easy one is offended and one’s worldview. But it shouldn’t reach a point where we delight in pointing out flaws, no matter what the reason. 

  4. bainespal says:

    Geekdom is best when it’s inclusive and spontaneous. Sometimes I feel intimidated because it’s too hard to be a good geek. Being a hardcore geek costs a lot of money and requires more enthusiasm than I am capable of mustering. As much as I love my favorite sf/f franchises, I don’t have the motivation to memorize random trivia and learn the whole timeline.

  5. I agree, lets focus on the fun and the delight found in geeky things. I know I have geek-grumpiness tendencies, but when that begins getting in the way of having fun with what we’re geeky about, all the joy drains out.  And who wants to be around something joyless?

  6. dmdutcher says:

    The problem is that we simply don’t have enough of number two to do the grass-roots style of evangelism. Christian geek content is defined more by its lack than its breadth.
    You like anime? Well, there are these ten year old comics I can recommend you that are mostly shoujo and never finished their runs because their publisher dropped them. Oh, and they are for kids. Unless you want manga Bibles, we have some of those!
    You like superhero comics? Well, there are some for kids again, and Marvel did do three issues of one back in the nineties. But hey, we have comic book Bibles!
    You like science fiction movies? Fantasy ones? The few that get made tend to be syfy channel quality or worse. Seriously. 
    Webcomics? Video games? Nah.
    About all we do well is books, and even then it’s tough. I try to recommend as many as I can, but we need a few more things to delight in depending on the kind of geek you are.

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