1. AslansCompass says:

    Agents of Shield never got the love it deserved. This article inspired me to sit down and rewatch the early seasons. The family dynamic is so strong; the show’s not afraid to depend on family, not romantic bonds (which is where the DC shows I’ve watched put their emphasis, and consequentially fall short).
    As early as episode 4 of season 1, we have Skye referring to an argument between May and Coulson as “mom and dad fighting.” Then you get lines like “We’re her family” at the trauma center in Zurich…. even the bad guys get it… I spent, like, ten minutes ranting about the scene between Coulson and Cal in Puerto Rico, how Cal sees Coulson as a competitor for the fatherhood role…. just….fatherhood is a surprisingly common theme in Marvel, and Coulson is the star example of a good dad (with Scott Lang as the runner-up).

  2. Katie Hart says:

    Consistently my favorite Marvel show. And now that my favorite show of all time (Doctor Who) has become rather terrible with slight glimmers of hope, Agents of Shield is probably my favorite currently airing show. I’ve watched it from day one, and it’s one of the few shows I made sure to watch each week before new episodes came out. Sorry to see it go, but glad they are ending it well, with plenty of advance warning to make this final season its best.

  3. Savannah Grace says:

    This article made my day! And I agree with so much of it – S.H.I.E.L.D. definitely feels like home, a lot more than many of the movies in the MCU ever will. It’s absolutely golden.

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