1. david fry says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    This post is delightfully exploratory and intriguing. But I keep tripping over something that keeps me coming back to see what it is that might be the stumbling block in my thought processes.

    I love the speculative! I still dream of getting published in the speculative realm. But over the past couple of years especially, I’ve been troubled. There seems to be a fanatic and even frenetic obsession with all that is “super hero”. I myself, enjoy shows and books that carry me along through a satisfying journey – a story that shows flaws, brokenness, rescue and hope.

    And I get it, your post is spot on in many ways. Absolutely there is no one hero or band of heroes that will point us to God.

    But this statement disturbs me: “If anything, this type of story may suggest that there are many gods and any one of them can be our way to salvation.”

    Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Yikes! What? No, no, no – a gazillion times no.

    Put up the caution tape, block the street, cordon off the area.

    We as believers cannot abide that statement. Ever.

    Worse yet, that street widens into what I call, “The Great Distraction”.

    It is challenging enough to deal with the addictive nature of distraction and entertainment that can keep us cloistered in our dopamine worlds, while so many are lurching down the wide road of destruction.

    How about we be the simple heroes or messengers, and point them to the ONE, REAL and ONLY Supernatural Hero who has the power to save eternally (not temporally) and bring true hope.

    Your post was helpful in helping me understand why I find it so difficult to write speculative as much as I like the genre.

    I love the supernatural, it’s all around us. And each of us has gifts given to us from the Supernatural Father of Lights, gifts that can make us simple heroes and messengers in the greatest story ever told. A story that has innumerable chapters, and we get our own to share.

    Thank you for grabbing my attention and I hope my caution makes sense. And if it
    doesn’t, I’ll return to being a lonely prophet. 🙂

    God’s blessing Rebecca!

    David Fry ( a constipated vowel mover and Lover of Yeshua! )

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