1. Hard to say. Alternative universes are the domain of fiction and philosophy. In order for the multiverse to be classified as science it would have to be observable.

    How could you observe another universe? Like Mr. A. Square demonstrating the third dimension with a Flatland ruler.

    • Travis Perry says:

      Well, the claim is made that the apparent random nature of our universe indicates that there must be a vast array of universes to get the universe we’ve got. So the invisible array of random universes, even though they are not observable, is valid scientific thinking, but talking about God, who also is not observable, but makes more sense than many separate, unrelated, random coincidences is not a valid scientific hypothesis. I call “foul” to that.

      Though Neil deGrasse Tyson has stated that he thinks “it would be interesting if” the problem with gravity that is commonly explained by dark matter were actually explicable by gravity from another universe leaking into our own and affecting it.

      So some people think multiple universes might be observable somehow, someday in the future. But clearly they are not now. Yet many scientists believe the multiverse is a valid hypothesis. Again, the idea of God is actually simpler–but is ruled out in advance.

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