1. Yeah. I love Lewis’s take on empty holiday traditions. Please don’t call him a scrooge though. Snarky as the piece was.

    Scrooge was a greedy misanthrope. Nowadays he’d be a big champion of Christmas because of increased sales opportunities.

    Christmas, Easter and weddings would all be greatly improved if we put spending caps on these celebrations to focus more on the sacred and human connection.

    C.S. Lewis also disliked his church’s attempts at being hip and trendy (relevant) with popular music and lyrics he compared to drinking songs. I doubt they were as bad as the 7-11’s a certain music franchise cynically grinds out for optimum $$$$$.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    One interesting aspect of this article is the statement that Christmas cards have gotten better. Well, they certainly have changed and many are now, as you said, simply a photo along with some family news. I think less are sent overall though and people probably care less about getting a card from someone whom they haven’t sent a card. So I think we can fairly call that an improvement.

    But the Christmas rush is even bigger in Niatirb and also Acireram and even the Eritne Dlrow than it was in Lewis’s day. So I don’t believe he would think we’ve improved as a society overall, even though yeah, culture did very much change in regard to Christmas cards.

  3. notleia says:

    Well, Lewis seemed to be mortally offended by tacky commercialism in general, so it’s probably a good thing he never saw the 80’s and onward or he would have spontaneously combusted.

  4. One aspect of this is how much people value social norms and traditions above people sometimes. Like, for Christmas cards and family photos, people can be so obsessed and particular about having the perfect photo that they end up stressing out everyone involved, even though the point in being together is to have fun.

    Or like…I dunno. That trope where someone is a decent person, and maybe does lots of considerate things during the year, but is treated like a complete jerk just for forgetting an anniversary or birthday. Like, yeah, those things matter and should be remembered, but doesn’t the way the person act throughout the year matter more? And if someone is going to get super mad at their spouse just for forgetting an anniversary or something, doesn’t that kind of mean the person is valuing the tradition of the anniversary over the actual relationship?

    Idk. Sending cards and remembering anniversaries and all that can be thoughtful, but people act like such social norms are sacred when they’re not. Instead of just taking those types of things as the only possible symbols of someone’s thoughtfulness, maybe we should look at the person’s overall behavior throughout the year instead. Maybe we’d appreciate each other more then.

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