1. Bethany J. says:

    I’d love to see a realistically-illustrated “children’s Bible”. That would be awesome! I despise children’s Bibles for just that reason…they are so cutesy and trite, and simplistic. I’d much rather read my son the REAL Word of God – blood, sins, and all (within reason; some stories might wait until he’s a tad older). That’s what they were read for centuries, so I don’t see why the Bible is considered too heavy or complicated for today’s young children. Illustrations, though, do a lot to hold the attention of a young child. To have a children’s Bible that contains realistic illustrations and real, verbatim Scripture passages would be amazing.

    Sorry, I know that’s a little off-topic, but that’s a pet peeve of mine. 🙂 I can’t say much about Thor as I haven’t seen it…your reviews here are making me want to see it, though!

  2. SeanR says:

    E, great post! I enjoyed all 7 echoes of Christ you mentioned. I’m going to have to see Thor again to see what else I can find (I will report back, deal?).

    You mentioned seeing more art and literature on the New Heaven. Patricia King has a book that she wrote for her grandson in which a young boy travels to Heaven and meets THE KING. I haven’t made time to look at it yet, but my wife and everyone else at our church who has read it give rave reviews. Here’s a link with more details.

  3. Martin LaBar says:

    As always, thanks. My wife and I had some of the same thoughts on the way home from seeing the movie.

  4. Christina says:

    I’m so glad to have found someone who saw the same things I did in this movie.. I just watched it for the first time last week, yes I know just a tad bit late, but OMGosh.. So many things I saw that seemed Kingdom minded.  One part I saw was when when the mother tells the brother of Thor, something about the king always has a purpose in everything he does!!!! It made me see God more clearly.. I saw so much of His relationship with us, His children… I also saw the new earth as you did…
    I believe  alot of movies we’ve seen lately, its like God Himself has been sending clues and messages to His people.. I highly doubt this is all our own imagining.  For me its like Him saying all those times I believe I’m just dreaming, Its really Him speaking and revealing who He is.. He said He would reward those those never stop seeking Him;)

  5. Kaci says:

    Oh, you can make a few parallels from Odin. “He does nothing without purpose” and his actions are often misinterpreted up front. And what both brothers had to understand – what Odin already understood – was that the lives of the people of the nine realms were of much greater value than the original offense of a few Frost Giants breaking in and the resulting offense to Thor’s personal glory and honor.  It was worth a little indignity to do something more glorious: protect the lives of thousands.

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