1. Lisa Smith says:

    I definitely think Roddenberry’s vision of a human Utopia where all races live together in harmony and peace has influenced our culture, in generally a good way. And you certainly can’t deny it’s influence in other ways – would people have started work on building a teleporter if Star Trek hadn’t shown us how cool it would be to say “Beam me up!” and have it work? However I can also see how the show (like many others) tends to portray the “value” of the “all roads lead to God” mindset.
    I have to say that Picard is my favourite Captain. But I have a soft spot for them all. My favourite episode of the original series is the one where they discovered Christianity beginning again on an alien planet – they though everyone was worshipping the “sun” until they realized at the end that they were actually worshipping the “son”. Loved it!

  2. Lisa, I do think Star Trek’s worldview has had a lasting influence, if not simply to popularize an existing position. It’s somewhat Hindu in it’s view. Somewhat, because they may all be doing peaceful exploration, but a lot of humanoids die!

    Still, the idea that all of us should live in harmony and that all life should be respected is clear throughout, as you say.


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