1. Steve Taylor says:

    I’ve been waiting for the series to end before reading it. Most 0f the reviews are very positive and your over-all comments add a motivating factor for me to start it soon. Most of those that didn’t care for it didn’t read all the books starting at the beginning so my guess is it’s more of a quadrilogy then a series. Thanks

    • Steve, “quadrilogy” is a very good word for it. As you may have picked up, I’m rereading the third book before I start the fourth and final–it’s been a year since I read it last, and I KNOW I will get lost if I dive right into the end without a refresher.

      But the series is now officially over, so you can get started anytime!

  2. Jim Sanders says:

    I loved the series. It’s nice to find a fantasy series that combines imagination with a high level of literary prose, and Jeffrey Overstreet does both very well.

  3. I work in a bookstore, so I’ve looked at this series several times in browsing all the fiction that’s out there. It’s caught my attention and I’ve read some great reviews on it. Now that the series is finished and I’ve read your take on it, I think it may finally find it’s way on to my reading list. Thanks for the review!

  4. Galadriel says:

    I love this series too–absolutely amazing, and your review is right on.

  5. I LOVE these books too. Rachel, you did a terrific job of explaining their complexity and wonder. Can’t wait to read The Ale Boy or whatever it is. Unfortunately I lent the first book to someone who lost it, so … I’m sad. Can’t re read the whole thing.


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