1. notleia says:

    Hauspanzer would like you to know that this libel against black cats is not gone unnoticed 🙂

    There’s a theory that we lost a heckload of knowledge during the Renaissance/Enlightenment about particularly female ailments by murdering all the traditional midwives and herbwives. I also read a theory that a lot of the accoutrements of cartoon witches, the distinctive hat, the cauldron, the broom, were relics of women beer-brewers who were forced out of business by male-dominated businesses (the distinctive hat and the broom [bundle of sheaves on a stick, really] were pre-literate advertising symbols).

    • Travis Perry says:

      While there have been many horrific actions performed by many human beings over the centuries, I don’t think anyone has ever murdered all traditional midwives and herbwives. Though a modern practitioner of Wicca might in fact say so. (I think my older sister may have said so at some point…and she is a practicing Neo-Pagan…)

  2. Travis C says:

    Appreciate the reflection on the topic. My WIP has me reviewing how I’m approaching magic, so the mirror being held up was timely. Thanks to notleia, I’ve also got a killer idea for marketing should I ever open up Archangel Ales, LLC.

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