1. Mickey says:

    Right on! 
    One of my old profs called cemeteries ‘Resurrection Grounds.’ I visit a certain cemetery every year at Easter, knowing that one of these years will be my last because the body I’m visiting will get up from that grave.
    Here’s how Pete Townshend put it in his musical version of Iron Man (the Iron Man written by his friend Ted Hughes):
    What we want is a brand new life/
    For every brother and sister – husband and wife/
    For the single and lonely, living in fear/
    What we want is a brand new year

  2. Bonnie Doran says:

    I believe a similar “resurrection” occurred in Captain America. The character flew a plane into a bomb or something. In The Avengers, he’s chipped out of a block of ice and returns to life.

  3. Galadriel says:

    That’s so exciting–thinking about what it will really mean to have a resurrection body, how we all we get that moment of glory…

  4. If our resurrection is divided, perhaps it’s because human death likewise came in stages when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. God told them if they ate of it, they would die, but their first death was spiritual (corresponding with your #1 above); they didn’t physically die (corresponding with #3) for several hundred years. Perhaps the middle step might be the awareness of their sin and the severing of their relationship with Jehovah, evidenced by their hiding from Him when they heard Him walking in the garden.
    What our resurrection will be like, I have no idea; but I expect it will be unlike anything we can imagine or fathom.

    • My imagination is fueled simply by having a good idea of where we in our resurrected bodies will dwell forever — I look around, see Earth’s beauties, groan over the sin, and picture a world without sin. That’s a fantastic start. We await a New Heavens and New Earth where righteousness dwells (2 Peter 3:13), and so will we, made righteous.

      But of course I’m getting ahead of myself to a favorite topic, in part 4 next week. 😀

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