1. Bainespal says:

    God still has His secrets (Deut. 29:29). But He has revealed more about Himself and about what His resurrected creation will be like than we may think. Once He does reveal a secret, it belongs to His people and their children forever (the rest of Deut. 29:29).

    An interesting thought.  The concept that God would ultimately redeem and restore the Earth itself was part of the old revelation.  It was already revealed and believed when God revealed Himself much more directly through Christ.  It seems strange, then, that some people who believed in the visible example of Christ’s resurrection failed to see it as a confirmation of the promise to eventually renew all of creation.  I should dig into the historical beliefs of Christianity and Judaism regarding the ultimate fate of Earth.  I’m guessing that the mainstream of Judeo-Christian tradition has always taken for granted that Earth would be renewed and established forever.  Many of the old Protestant hymns would reinforce this idea.

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