1. Nicholas Tieman says:

    I think I’m in Phase 3.5: Exile. I made it to Phase 3 and admired the people who could take it to the next level, but found that any place I wanted to take up full residence was already colonized by hostile zealots.

    Just this weekend, Wil Wheaton called people who would pray after a tragedy worthless sacks of excrement. There was some pushback, but that won’t stop him from remaining one of the high priests of geek-dom, nor will it undo his narration of Ready Player One, a work which seeks to unite every part of geek-dom with strident atheism and a cringe-worthy parade of anti-Christian straw men. At every turn, those who would disparage faith are put in charge, and stories that were previously enjoyed by everyone are twisted to anti-Christian political goals.

    I’ve found I’m not really capable of giving up on geek-dom, but it’s hard to feel truly at home here when the powers that be are so intent on making me feel unwelcome.

  2. notleia says:

    Apparently the reason my parents got into ST:TNG was because the network did a really good job of introducing the characters before the show aired. I wouldn’t call them geeks, really, Mom never progressed beyond Stage 2, but it meant that Star Trek was put in the rotation of shows that us kids saw alongside them. When I watched Voyager on Netflix, it was weird to see what I remembered and what I didn’t, which was more characters than any plot whatsoever.

  3. notleia says:

    Stages of Yarn Crafting
    1. Initiation: I made a thing! This is pretty cool
    2. Assimilation: There’s more than two kinds of stitch? Thanks, stitch dictionary!
    3. Passion: Yarn stash takes up a closet

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