1. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    So excited about this partnership!

    And if you ever want to come on my show, I’d be happy to showcase you! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  2. Paul Lee says:

    I appreciate this inclusive definition of what a Christian geek is, because though I don’t fit in comfortably with my church community and have a wild imagination, I’m really bad at actually doing entertainment and learning about the fandoms. I don’t know much of anything; I just look up to the real geeks and wish I had the motivation to pursue fandoms the same way. Pessimism is probably another geek trait, and in my case it manifests in an inability to enjoy things that I like without getting burned out quickly, without turning it into another hard duty that I can’t live up to.

    I’m worried about geekiness being the approved way to satisfy the imagination and the need for wonder. Go do Star Wars, and then come into church and don’t ask uncomfortable questions about salvation and stuff, because you got all that heretical thinking out of you in Geekland. Don’t wonder if God is really big enough to encompass a galaxy far, far away—just play Magic or whatever, and don’t bother the content happy believers. And I don’t want to trouble them, but I’m not convinced that I can be myself in the presence of believers who see life and Scripture and the pursuit of truth in very different ways than I perceive.

    • I think the secret, Paul, is to discuss life and Scripture and the pursuit of truth with individuals in your church. You might be surprised—they may not be as different for you as you think.

      Myself, I kick against the “geek” label because I don’t think imagination and creativity is geeky at all. I think that’s the way God made all of us, but some embrace it, some channel it in different directions.

      But that’s why I think movies such as Star Wars, TV programs such as the Star Trek franchise, and books such as The Lord of the Rings resonated with millions.


  3. Laura A says:

    “Geek” or no, the fact that each one of us can help equip, encourage, and inspire each other to HIS good works, for the building up of the saints—but mostly for helping each of us to get our heads and hearts in HIS gospel more to learn who our SAVIOR is and become more like HIM is awesome!  Then to get out there and let GOD use our weaknesses for HIS glory as we seek to serve Him is IMHO our TRUE calling.  So any channel or blog or website that furthers this on is fantastic to me.  Welcome Paeter and your YouTube channel too!

  4. This sounds like a cool partnership. Bring it on.

  5. Paeter, I am very much looking forward to exploring fantastical and/or “geeky” stories together.

    Meanwhile, if you haven’t already seen Paeter’s videos for Christian Geek Central, here is the YouTube channel. I’ve been catching up on the videos myself, including this one about the death of Leonard Nimoy and a Christian’s response to statements like, “Now he’s out among the stars.”

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