1. notleia says:

    Voyager does have a good episode once in awhile. I still wish someone would remake it better as a graphic novel series or something, just save those good episodes.

    Also Travis, I’ve heard some people who went to Mardi Gras have died from the COVID. Have you died since last Thursday?

    • Travis Perry says:

      I have shown no signs of COVID 19 infection at all. Thanks for asking.

      Yeah, it makes me feel bad to think about how much people were touching one another just walking through a crowd back then as if it was no big deal. Not to mention all the sex I have clear reasons to believe was happening behind the scenes. It’s no surprise hordes of people got infected. Mardi Gras should have been cancelled this year.

      That could bring up a discussion of human action versus fate, but I’ve already talked about that recently in my 12 Monkeys post…

  2. Travis Perry says:

    Janeway though rather regularly threw her convictions to the wind at various moments. Like, giving the Borg assistance and some other doozies. She was really an equivalent to Kirk in the Original Series, without all the fooling around. Kirk didn’t mind moralizing about Federation values from time to time–even though he also violated the Prime Directive often enough.

    Though of course the crew of the Equinox was doing things not even Janeway would do…

    But yes, the very belief that Star Trek has in absolute principles like the Prime Directive, seen in all the series, no matter what the captains do about that principle, points away from moral relativism. Though its morality is very progressive at times (on the other hand, at times Star Trek morality is simply ordinary morality, like, it’s bad to invade, kill, and enslave people), Star Trek in general takes a stand that morality matters. Which is something we can celebrate, even as we at the same time recognize parts of Star Trek’s morality are non-Christian or even anti-Christian in a way we should be alert to.

  3. That episode bothered me because of how quickly the Doctor changed loyalties when his ethical subroutines were removed. It didn’t make sense that removing them would suddenly cause him to ignore the chain of command and not obey Captain Janeway.

    I’d also agree with Travis, Janeway ignored her ethics when it was convenient for her. Having just finished watching through all 7 seasons a few days ago, I found her to be a frustrating captain who played favorites and enforced rules whimsically.

    But to the actual question you posed. I’ve been debating that one in my mind in two ways. First, I’ve noticed my non-Christian friends reacting to this pandemic in a completely different way from my Christian friends. My non-Christian friends have been looking at this as an end of the world event, and they are scared. My Christian friends are concerned for various specific things (health of friends with compromised immune systems or jobs and the like), but they aren’t overly worried. Admittedly this is a small sample set, but it interested me.

    Second, my church has started sending out “How you can help” emails. Some are things like donating blood at pre-scheduled times to limit the number of people interacting, but one was a service opportunity for gathering and distributing food while still maintaining social distancing, I’m not sure how you do that. It’s got me thinking about what is the correct response of churches right now. We’ve been meeting online for 3 weeks now, but what is the right thing to do beyond that. Groups are working here to make masks that can be used to extend the “proper medical masks” (totally forgetting technical name). But, it’s unclear what is the best way to help if there is any.

What do you think?