1. I kind of feel like our modern interpretation of magic, at least in the stereotypical popular media, might be quite different than it was actually thought of at different points in human history. That greatly influences how we interpret stories or even how we interpret ancient Hebrew’s banning of witchcraft. Many modern tales seem to depict magic as an innate ability, for instance, which means that anyone that opposes magic in those stories is depicted as bad or ignorant. A lot of older stories instead seem to depict magic as something that’s learned, at least if the magician in question is a pure blooded human.

    There’s also the scientific aspect creeping into magic stories as well. Magic might be written more as an academic pursuit that is researched and tested the same scientific way a lot of our modern inventions are, for instance, which definitely influences how people see Christian views on magic. The science creeping into magic stories isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is a factor that should be considered in the whole Christian stories with magic thing.

What do you think?