1. I’m so excited to see where Enclave goes!  I’ve heard people say that they aren’t releasing much, but 13 books in 9 months seems like a lot to me when you compare it to other Christian presses’ SFF output.  Are any other Christian presses putting out that much spec fic yearly?

  2. dmdutcher says:

    I don’t think you can get evangelists by being aggressively safe. I think that’s really the only problem-Enclave feels really safe with those 13 releases, sticking to established,YA-level fiction, reprints,  and genres. Not that they are bad, and not that they need to be edgy or graphic. But they need to draw attention.

    I think a step in the right direction was John Otte’s The Hive cover. It’s of a pregnant woman with a cybernetic arm, and it makes you interested in what the story will be like. You got to give us hooks to evangelize about, or do things that draw notice.

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