1. Pam Halter says:

    I’ve encountered 2 privately owned Christian Book Stores. One, in my hometown, was the one I wanted to support. I had a couple of book signings there … but learned a hard lesson with the first book I had self-published long before I knew a thing about writing/publishing (yeah, I was taken advantage of) and I left 10 books, signed the form, etc, and waited to see if any of them would sell. They ALL sold. But when I asked about it, the owner said, I don’t remember how many books you left me. Where’s your paperwork? I said, don’t you have a copy? She said, that’s YOUR responsibility to prove it to me. And since I couldn’t lay my hands on the papers, I got nothing and she got $100. Since then I learned she also doesn’t pay her employees. And she calls me now and then to see if I have any new books out that she can stock in her store. Up until this month, I didn’t. Believe me, I won’t ever be taken in by her again. But it makes me so sad. My own hometown!

    Then there’s the store several towns over. They are truly gracious and generous owners who treat their authors with respect and dignity. Since that experience, they’ve retired and there are new owners, whom I plan to meet. I’m hoping the new owners will also be gracious and generous.

    I guess what it comes down to is you really can’t count on the word “Christian” in a store’s description or title to be any different than the world. 🙁

  2. Becky says:

    Thank you for your explanation. I think it’s a piece to a puzzle. I’m sorry for your and your fellow authors’ loses. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we all be strengthened daily to offer compassion and forgiveness as the opportunities arise.

  3. Good article, Patrick. It’s helpful to see how this affected authors. I think your conclusion is powerful!


  4. ionaofavalon says:

    I honestly don’t know what to feel about this. On the one hand, I have been turned off of most Christian media, stores, and even colleges. The one time I was in a Family Christian Store, I was appalled at the prices! Children’s stuff marked up horrifically for what it was and the adult things were mostly kitch and chotchkes. They didn’t even have that much in the way of books! I also remember coming across a blatant Redwall knock off, like lifted the whole plot. I recall leaving really upset at what I saw, but I said nothing so as not to offend my grandparents.

    But on the other I of course feel badly for those who have been hurt by the store’s closure. The employees, the writers, even the owners. It feels like… I don’t know, like everyone from the regular people on up have been hurt by this. I didn’t like the store, but I also don’t like companies going back on their word. So I feel like if people had fought harder, we wouldn’t be in this mess. (But I feel the same about most Christian branded stuff.)

  5. HG Ferguson says:

    The Lord tells us that an unjust balance is an abomination (there’s that word again, something so vile He vomits) to Him, but a just and honest measure He delights in (Pr. 11:1). Canvass any online reviews of people who worked for this company and you’ll get quite a picture. Jesus said you can’t serve God and money, you can only love one (Matt. 6:24). My heart goes out to every single person affected by this, and if any abomination has been wrought, rest assured what is sown is reaped. Now is the time to pray and if anyone out there is in a position to give anyone who used to work at FCS a job, ask God what He wants you to do.

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