1. Steve Laube said something nice about Writing Speculative Fiction? I might swoon.

    • Travis Perry says:

      Yeah, he said what a great book it was (he bought a copy online) and how much he wished he could publish it but it wasn’t right for Enclave. I can’t say I’m sorry he passed it up! (Though you might be, Lelia…)

  2. Sounds awesome. I’m glad to hear that the conference is getting bigger. Slightly disappointed I couldn’t come this year, it would have been really interesting to hear Brent Weeks. When I was younger, I heard about his Night Angel series and read a bit of it but stopped since I was a young teen at the time and didn’t like some of the content. I’ll probably give those books another try some day, since I like assassin chars.

    Have you read Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success) by Sean M. Platt, Johnny Truant, and David Wright? It seems kind of repetitive at first, but in later chapters has some good advice, especially for people just getting into indie publishing. They make sure to emphasize how much hard work indie publishing takes as well. It could be worth having on your list of things to recommend to indies.

  3. Wow, Travis, huge congrats on getting Lelia’s book into Spanish. I’ve been getting increasingly interested in chasing down foreign markets and translations for my small publishing company, McPherson Publishing, as well. I would love to talk sometime with you about challenges/good practices.

  4. Jill says:

    If I went, it would be to meet all the people I’ve known online for so long. I haven’t yet found a way to justify the cost. Seven years, though, and I haven’t found a way to justify the cost…. It’s incredible to me that it’s been seven years.

  5. Stephen Smith says:

    Thanks for the overview. I planned on going for the first time but couldn’t. I was hoping I could find a couple other authors living in central Ohio who could form a small writing/feedback/encouragement group with me. If anyone has any pointers or resources how I could find Christian speculative authors (I write fantasy) in or around Columbus, Ohio, that would be great. I belong to a small writing group, but it’s not faith based.

    • Spec Faith has a feature on the site that helps with finding book clubs. Some of the people in those book clubs might be interested in forming a writing group as well. Have you looked into online writing groups, though? It won’t be local, per se, but it would be a way for you to connect with a larger group of writers over Skype or Discord or some other platform.

  6. Travis C says:

    Huzzah for 7 years! That’s quite the accomplishment!

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