1. DJ Edwardson says:

    So thrilled that something like this is starting! There is such a huge need for this. Christian stories are the best kinds of stories because they contain eternal truth that the world so desperately needs.

    Thank you for putting this together. Can’t wait for the first issue!

  2. Edith Wedel says:

    Wonderful Idea! Will be praying for you and the new endeavor….

  3. Lisa says:

    Great! Looking forward to seeing this get going. Thanks to all who are working so hard to get these stories marketed and seen by those who are looking for them!

  4. Audie says:

    Could you clarify something, please?

    When you say you want stories that are “fantastic (in genre”, do you mean only fantasy stories, either classic fantasy like Tolkien or Forgotten Realms type, and other fantasy types like Dresden Files urban fantasy?

    Or, do you mean speculative fiction as a whole, things like sci-fi, maybe Peretti types of spiritual fiction, and so on?


    • Glad to clarify, Audie.

      All of those fantastical or speculative genres. Only so long as it’s Christian fiction.

      And by “Christian fiction,” we mean “a Christian made this fiction.”

      In other words, a story is not automatically Christian. But if the author professes Christ (some testimony in the nonfiction realm may help here!), the author is.

      • Audie says:

        Thanks, again. Sometimes, the way a word like “fantastic” or “fantastical” is used can be some confusing, so I was unsure.

  5. J.E. Lowder says:

    I’ll definitely check out Lorehaven. Hope I can help and connect with others. Press on!

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