1. Are you looking for more reviewers? I review for Christian Library Journal and my own blog. I would be glad to share my older reviews of Jill Williamson’s books, Kathy Tyer’s Firebird series, and many Enclave books, etc.

    • Hello Carol! Thanks for your interest. Right now for Lorehaven magazine we’re focusing on flash-format reviews for newer titles. However, we definitely invite you to share your reviews, new or previously written, of any fantastical story (especially by Christian creators) for possible publication here on Speculative Faith. Just click the link in the third paragraph in the above article!

  2. G K Werner says:

    What a wonderful offer! I would love it if you’d review Skipjack and the Baleful Banshee whenever you had time. But I’m not sure how to use your platform to send my e-book to you free from Amazon. They don’t call me Mr. High-tech for nothing. (I have to pay them.)

    • G. K., if you have a .mobi file, you can send that to Lorehaven for consideration.

      • G K Werner says:

        I uploaded it to Lorehaven from the Word document I used uploading it to Amazon. Hope that’s okay. Thank you so much for your help, for listing Skipjack on your site, and considering it for review. What a great service you and the others have offered Christian authors and readers alike at the expense of your own time!

  3. Autumn Grayson says:

    Does this also apply to graphic novels/comics? Also, will this also include reviews for speculative films(animated or live action) and video game projects?

    • So far we haven’t been sent any graphic novels or comics, much less any that are Christian-made, fantastical, and published. However, we can decide on case-by-case basis. Any in particular you’re considering?

      As for non-book media, again, we haven’t been sent these. But for now we will stick with promoting books, mainly for enjoyment by book clubs.

      • Autumn Grayson says:

        I know there’s some illustrated versions of the Bible out there, and on Tapas there’s a fantasy story that tells some of the angel and demon’s side of things in the Garden of Eden, but the author doesn’t seem anywhere near done with it yet. I’ll link it here for anyone that wants to read it, though I know it probably isn’t a candidate for review yet:


        I was mainly inquiring because I will be publishing some comics that would probably fit the requirements in the future. But one is where the Christian Fiction element is barely mentioned in the first book and doesn’t start having a big emphasis until the second story, so I do wonder how that would work as far as the submissions go. Would that mean submitting the second book in the series for review instead of the first one?

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