1. I’m not sure “come join our geekiness” will win a lot of people to such an endeavor. I could be wrong (it wouldn’t be all that unusual!), but I wonder if there aren’t other readers out there who are simply readers who might be interested in a book club whether the chosen titles are speculative or not.


    For Lorehaven book clubs, I don’t mind using the term “geeky” if it will help people feel welcome. But in general, and among audiences who don’t embrace this term, I’m averse to it. Fantastic stories are not some novelty for Christians. They are part of our native language: our faith is based on the fact that, plot twist, we’ve been living all this time in a fantastical world ruled by a holy and loving God.

  2. Cindy Bratton says:

    I would LOVE to be part of a Christian book club. It’s so sad that books are so expensive.

    • The key, Cindy, is to watch for authors who give away a book in order to promote the newest one. Also, become a book blogger and join the groups that run tours or ask you to post reviews. But for book clubs, it’s possible that publishers will give a discount price for a certain quantity of books. I’d hope that would be something Lorehaven will address at some point. In other words, there are ways! 😉


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