1. I’m slightly confused … I went to the survey last week and it was a poll with a bunch of books listed, now it’s a “fill in the three blanks”. Did it change and start over?  If so, do I have to fill it out again?

    And thanks for the mention!


    • Robert, as I understand it, your votes counted so you don’t have to re-vote. It did change to a survey because Becky Minor’s original intent was that whenever a new book that wasn’t on the nomination list was added, it would show up, giving voters the option of selecting it. Except, the poll didn’t cooperate. The new titles weren’t showing up. (You must have been one of the very first voters, Robert. Becky caught that within minutes of the post going live). So the option was to go to the survey and have each person do a “write in” vote/nomination.

      After this first phase finishes, then the semifinalists will be picked, and we’ll vote again. Finalists will go to the judges.


  2. Hannah says:

    Anne Elisabeth Stengl also released another book in 2014–GOLDEN DAUGHTER.

  3. Wow — of these 23 titles, I’ve read 14 of them! Good list — I had forgotten about some of them.

    • Thanks, Carol. It’s easy to forget about the books that came out early in the year. You are a prolific reader/reviewer!

      If you think of others, please, please add them because this post is truly designed to get readers thinking.


  4. Lisa says:

    Looks like some good books here….lots to add to the “to read” list, thanks.

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