1. Julie D says:

    The problem is that it’s REALLY HARD to hold back the squeeing and the eye-rolling.

  2. Great article, Katie. Seriously, I’ve been thinking that Christian speculative fiction needs to reach readers. We’ve made an effort to do that here at Spec Faith, with some small degree of success, but certainly one way to reach readers is to convert them. Love it! 😀


  3. Alex Mellen says:

    This is a great article! Great suggestions too. I find an important point can be introducing your friend on the right episode or film of a fandom. My first episode of Doctor Who was “Blink,” and now I start my friends on it. If they’ve accidentally seen a really confusing/horrifying/ridiculous one, either randomly by themselves or with you, it’s that much harder.

    • bainespal says:

      This is hard for me, because I feel a compulsive need to watch a series in order, even if it’s a relatively episodic show.

      I didn’t need to be converted to speculative fiction, but I did need to be converted to Doctor Who. And honestly, I’m still not really feeling it, now that I’m in Season 3. There are some brilliant high concept moments, but I pretty much hate all the characters. I also haven’t quite figured out what to make of the show’s distinctive brand of very deliberate, self-aware, over-the-top camp. The camp is the lesser problem, but I wonder if the camp and the characterization are related. Nothing seems dignified to me.

      I miss Star Trek, with its dignified officers and its serious take on its own campy setting.

      • Julie D says:

        Hang in there. If you don’t exactly like season three, there’s a change of tone in four, and something like a genre sift in season five, when the fairy tale theme begins.

  4. dmdutcher says:

    It helps if your interests are more mainstream/geek than geek/geek. It’s easier to get someone hooked on video gaming if you show them Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty than Etrian Odyssey or Dwarf Fortress. Usually there are “gateway drugs” to the bigger fandoms, but smaller ones tend to be harder to introduce.

    The Christian spec fic fandom has it rough, though.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments! It was easier to start “converting” me using Marvel’s superhero movies (still set in “real life”) and character-centric shows like Firefly. I’m all about the characters!

    I had to be slowly introduced to Dr. Who…I started with the Matt Smith (eleventh) doctor, though, and the story-telling and character development is at such a high level by that point. I loved David Tennant too, but my first doctor will always be my favorite! 🙂

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