1. notleia says:

    I lost track of Dr Who around the time Matt Smith came on — didn’t have much access to TV, let alone BBC, but I caught up on episodes when they came available on Netflix, but Netflix no longer carries it. I didn’t see enough of Capaldi to start liking him. Something I read on the internet somewhere called this Doctor version more like a rude jerk who just bossed and bullied the universe into shape than the lovable Ten and Eleven that I liked (tho Eleven could’ve done with some ADHD meds to take the edge off, also much less Amy Pond).

    Anyway, I sympathize with feeling like a beloved franchise has suddenly gone warp-speed ahead in an iffy direction. I’m sure I would have had this feeling sooner if I had been old enough to appreciate what a disappointment the Star Wars prequels were.

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