1. notleia says:

    omg SYMBOLISM 😀

    I’ve been reading up on the tarot because I’m interested in the symbolism and the art, but it’s surprisingly hard to find an organized, to-the-point collection of the meanings probably because hippies don’t like organization.

    I found one relatively comprehensive book, but it spent a lot of time telling me that tarot is not evil or satanic. Okay, but that’s not why I was there.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    I’d like to comment on your statement, “Art is not Christian. Art is not pagan. Art is human.”

    Someone could take what you said as an affirmation that art is something like breathing–everyone does it as part of being human and so there is no discernible difference between how a Christian breathes and how a Pagan breathes…well that’s certainly true for breathing.

    But it isn’t true for art. Art can be many things but it often involves expressing ideas. And ideas can indeed be in line with Christian notions or in line with Pagan notions. You noted yourself that the early Christian art immediately showed less nudity that what had preceded it–why? Because Christian ideas about nudity are different than Pagan ideas of nudity.

    There IS a such thing as “Christian art,” even if it may have parallels with “Pagan art” (which is also a thing). It isn’t like breathing. And that’s true even though you are correct that people wondered what they could and could not include in their art, that there was borrowing, and a form of negotiation.

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