1. Brennan McPherson says:

    “The crucial dynamic of the novel is the strange, half-contemptuous affinity between the young radicals and the rich, respectable people in power. These, together, are Dostoevsky’s devils.” This reminds me of all the fallen leaders in “Christian” positions of power. It’s a big reason why (I know it may sound radical, but bear with me) I’m completely convinced that micro-churches and resisting “celebrity Christian culture” is the way to go. It massively decentralizes social power and erases a lot of potential for abuse, and it also hugely raises the responsibility of lay Christians in a way that raises them up from passive to actively growing in maturity. It also allows for way more accountability, because everything is more communal, and everyone knows everyone more intimately, rather than establishing the bizarre distance that celebrity gives, and allowing things to be so ridiculously hierarchical. It also makes excommunication from the church a bigger deal. Very, very, very few people can handle being celebrities or in positions of serious power and not abuse that position. Most people have no idea the evil pressures these invisible things put on people. They act like it’s the American Dream. But it’s more a moral curse than anything else. At every turn, Christians need to resist putting themselves in positions where they have religious conflicts of interest.

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