1. David Butler says:

    I found an article about fear of aliens and alien abductions that I think is pertinent to this discussion. Here’s an excerpt:

    There are some people like UFO researcher Joe Jordan, who are now wise as to who the ‘aliens’ actually are. Joe is the National Research Director for MUFON in South Korea. The Mutual UFO Network is the world’s largest clearing house for UFO investigations and reports. Joe came upon something hugely significant. When trying to figure out what was really happening to people who were claiming to be abducted by aliens, he discovered that ‘abductions’ were being halted by people who called out in the name of Christ. What’s more, people who professed to be practising born-again Christians seemed to be generally immune from such experiences. He soon noticed that many in MUFON were already aware of this, but were ignoring it because it did not fit their belief that such experiences were of an extraterrestrial nature. After being led to a Bible study as part of his research to find out what it was about Christians that “aliens didn’t like”, Joe realized that he was ultimately dealing with a spiritual phenomenon and not an extraterrestrial one—and became a Christian.

    The whole article can be found at:

    • notleia says:

      That is the most magnificent piece of weirdness I have seen in a long time.

    • Travis Perry says:

      David, I’m really glad you shared this article, but not because I entirely agree with it.

      When you look at what Creation.com has to say on the topic of aliens, they pretty closely represent what I call in my post here the thoughts of the “practical-minded” Christian. Regarding alien visitations, they recognize (correctly) that there is a connection between what I called “the UFO alien phenomenon” and demonic activity–though I think they miss that at least some of what is going on with UFO visitations is psychological (and there are also some hoaxes). In other words, they over-exaggerate the spiritual element a bit.

      In another article on aliens, asking if aliens can exist or not, Creation.com notices that the presumption that aliens must exist is based on concepts of evolution (which is true), notices the negative cultural impact of concepts of aliens in modern culture (which I’ve spoken about), and basically concludes that there are no aliens and that the Christian response to talking about aliens is to dourly tell everybody that aliens don’t exist.

      What they miss is that we actually do not know from Scriptures if aliens exist or not, so the point is not really worth arguing, AND that the longing people feel to find aliens is an opportunity for us to talk about God. So instead of slapping down any conversation of aliens via assigning the entire topic to being considered evil, I’m saying that Christians ought to recognize what is behind some of the desire to meet aliens–a longing for transcendence. And instead of wasting precious time arguing there are no aliens (a pointless argument anyway), we Christians ought to be saying to this world, “There might be aliens as you think of them–but if so, God created them. And let me tell you about the REAL alien being you need to meet, the one that permeates the universe, my transcendent God.”

      So I hope that makes sense–I think Creation.com is not entirely wrong. But they are missing the opportunity of how talking about aliens can help us talk about God.

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