1. I feel special Travis. I’ve enjoyed this series so much. I’m glad something I said inspired an additional post. You could do a twenty-part article series on this and scratch the surface.

    One comment I’d like to add, and using the lesser term of ‘alien’ to make a point while inserting the example of the movie ‘Arrival’ is this: In the movie, the aliens are truly different (besides the tentacles–I think Hollywood’s running out of ideas for weird alien body parts) in their understanding of time and communication. However, moviegoers found that easy to grasp. It goes back to your point about wanting the aliens to be a little mindblowing, a little mysterious.

    Yet, our heads and brains explode at the concept of a triune God. How many people have objected to the trinity because they don’t get it? The ‘three in one’. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We can only mimic Psalms 139:6 “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” People have rejected this ‘alien’ aspect of God. Sure, it’s hard to understand but without it, there are certain concepts we wouldn’t grasp without it.

    In particular with regards to Time. Time, in my simplistic view of understanding, is made up of the past, the present, and the future. A point that moves forward from a moment (the Parker paraphrased western view) or a circular web that comes back around (the Parker paraphrased eastern view). But regardless, it’s made up of these elements. Yet, it’s understood that the past is the past, the present is the present, and the future is the future. Each of these elements flow along this thread we call time. Each element is distinct although they are fluid with each other.

    However, without the triune God, the ‘ALIEN’ aspect of His nature, Time would be unfathomable. And hey, that’s just ONE, ONE aspect of the transcendence of God. What else do we understanding, even on a primitive level we wouldn’t understand without the ‘ALIEN’ nature of God permeating every aspect of existence?

    • Travis Perry says:

      Parker, so true. God has aspect that are truly mind-blowing.

      Modern physics shows the universe to be very complex and has aspects human minds cannot fully grasp. Which lends credence to the truth that the transcendent God is ultimately the author of the universe–rather than the universe generating itself out of nothing.

  2. Kessie says:

    Excellent observations! This is something I’ve observed, too … we want aliens, but we don’t want them to demand holiness. In fact, in Footfall by Larry Niven, the swinging, immoral humans are horrified by the moral, monogamous aliens and the idea of monogamy being imposed upon humanity. It caused a real disconnect for me, because I was supposed to be rooting for the humans … but the humans were disgusting. I much preferred the aliens and their political divisions.

    But yeah, I think Revelation can be seen as the ultimate alien invasion story. An outside, alien force is judging the sinfulness of mankind. And mankind is fighting back with everything it has, lead by its intrepid world leader. In the end, Earth is reduced to a wasteland, all the trees and grass destroyed, the ocean turned to blood (a red tide?), the mountains flattened. It’s totally science fiction at its finest.

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