1. Interesting thoughts, Travis. (And welcome on board!) I was thinking about the Ferengi and trying to decipher what culture might have the characteristics exhibited by them. We don’t have to go far to see their greed and entrepreneurship. Same with their attitude toward women (though the no-clothes aspect is clearly an exaggeration as is chewing the male’s food).

    I do think the existence of huminoid traits that are similar to God is to be expected if we truly believe we are made in God’s image. Obviously I’m extending that to all races, though the idea that there are alien races opens the door to the consideration that only earthlings were made in His image. Is there any Christian science fiction that explores that idea?


    • the ferengi are really a caricature of American capitalism and commercialism combined with a gender segregation that evokes muslim cultures (at least from the perspective of western audiences.) They have a culture built around the “greed is good” idea which was particularly prevalent in western culture a few decades ago.

    • C S Lewis’ sci fi trilogy “out of the silent planet” shows a universe where everyone knows God except us – we are made in his image, but do not know him because of sin.

      I’m not immediately aware of any SF where races differ from humans by not being made in god’s image – setting humans apart as above the others for that reason, but I think that setup would feel elitist. It might work, but I think it would have to include that being made in god’s image would come with a huge responsibility attached to represent him well.

  2. notleia says:

    Except the Klingons killed their gods. According to Worf, they were more trouble than they were worth.

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