1. Kessie says:

    What an encouraging article, with a true fantasy author metaphor. I’ll have to look up your book!

  2. Great article, Chris. And the application is for all of us–writers or readers. Thanks so much for pointing us to Scripture, to God, to His kingdom.

    I just saw in a Bible study of the book of Jude that one of the signs of false teachers is that they have a worldly mindset–looking at life the way the world tells us to instead of the way God tells us to. Our world today says we should put ourselves first, look within for the power to overcome, trust ourselves.

    Instead, you rightly point out that we are actually the problem. I love the fact that God is the hero of our story! 😀


    • It’s so easy to want to “externalize” our enemy when the truth of Romans 7:18 reminds us that “nothing good in me lies”. Yes, we have an adversary (the Devil) but he attacks us from within (via our own sinful selves). 

      Looking forward to one day ridding myself of that old dragon flesh. Come soon, Jesus! 

  3. Christopher! So many things in this article resonated with me. And especially your use of the word “allegiance”. That’s the name of the series I’m working on, and I think it’s a concept that is in the air right now. Where does our allegiance lie? May the world see us shining bright for Him and Him alone!
    So glad you shared this here. Great to be introduced to the Miller Brothers!

  4. […] of ourselves that the Christian knows to be the sin nature [see Christopher Miller's recent post "Writers Slay Dragons (and you should too)"]. In his apologetic of horror, guest blogger Brian Godawa said, ” Monsters become metaphors […]

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