1. Can I help you?

    Do you know which links people are reporting trouble with? I know there’s something up with Amazon, but the others look to be working. Let me know if there’s something broken we need to chase down.

    Thanks so much for highlighting the film!

    • Thank you! Such a kind offer. I was having trouble with the YouTube link. Someone on FB said they couldn’t open the Vimeo video. When I tried to embedd the link to that one, I got a privacy note, but Andrew said that shouldn’t be the case. They WANT people to share the film. So I don’t know what’s up with the links. I could watch on Vimeo, but later I tried to see it again and couldn’t. FB seemed to be working OK.

      I may try again or ask Stephen to. My technology is pretty old, so my problems might be on my end.

      It’s a delightful film, isn’t it. I love seeing this story unfold on screen.


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