1. Well, I’m going indie, so that takes a lot of those issues away :p. It’s still a lot of work, though, since that involves building one’s own company, and hoping readers will like the books once they’re finally done.

    Congrats on the new release coming out soon 🙂

  2. Jes Drew says:

    I’m indie, but it gas always been a dream of mind to go traditional. I have also come up against the wall of ‘not a big speculative fiction market’

    • Hi, Jes. God gives us the desires of our heart when they line up with His will. It’s that last part that stumbled me. I would second-guess myself. Maybe it wasn’t God’s will for me to be traditionally published but my own. Looking back, every step I took showed me more of the landscape before me. Doors opened, but not before time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t hold up the shield of faith, and we’d forget to trust God.

  3. Thanks for allowing me to share from the heart today.

  4. Travis Perry says:

    Janalyn, I wish your books the best of success–but I think Christian fantasy has come into its own to a large degree. I mean, I don’t see anyone really trying to silence the voice of Christian authors of fantasy per se.

    I do think though there’s a bit of a trend for Christian fantasy authors to write stories free from all potentially objectionable material–including potentially objectionable clear Christian themes.

    So I’m more concerned about the salt losing its flavor as it were than Christians not writing fantasy at all…

  5. notleia says:

    Wait, was that book you read “Graceling”? I have mixed feelings about it, but it had some interesting ideas beneath the obligatory angst and the Katniss clone protag.

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