1. When I was little, I read Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Amelia Bedelia, the Bernstein Bears, and random books found at the public library. Pretty standard fare, I think.

    Curiously, I think the Bernstein Bears have taken a more Christian turn in some of their (relatively) recent books. Also, have you seen the  Tales of Friendship Bog (a series of chapter books), by Gloria Repp? I was given a couple to review last year and they’re quite good.

  2. dmdutcher says:

    Hmm, Christian kids fic that I read.

    I also read the Sugar Creek Gang. I even read some Mandie, since my sister had it. I remember reading John Bibee’s The Magic Bicycle, Dylwyn Horvath’s Operation Titan, and Jeanne Norweb’s The Forgotten Door. Oh, and Muriel Leeson’s Path of the Promise Keeper.

    I don’t really get why Christian kid’s fic wouldn’t sell. I think it’s really the CBA wanting to sell nothing that takes even the slightest amount of work to merchandise or promote. If anything, parents today seem more separatist than when they were when I was a kid; my mom bought me Christian kids books and she never even thought of homeschooling me.

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