1. notleia, untrue Scotsman says:

    Off topic: Watched more Enterprise. So far it’s still not remarkable, but it’s okay enough. I have it on in the background when I’m doing other stuff around the house. Yay Phlox is absolutely not as annoying as Neelix.

  2. Well, people generally should support things they like or believe in. I’m also a proponent of reading in order to learn what other people feel and think, though, so I ALSO support a ‘read and understand, but don’t imitate the bad’ approach. How much and when someone should try that depends, though. Some people are better at that than others.

    One thing for me with Christian authors(or authors in general actually) is that I tend to like one or two books or series that they write, rather than liking everything they write and therefore won’t eagerly devour every project of theirs. I liked Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy and Lost Books Series, but didn’t really care for Green or many of his other books. So I haven’t been so inclined to rush out and buy his newest series.

  3. I think the primary way we “fight” our spiritual battle is not through what we create, but rather through quietly living out the commands of Christ in a way that shows we love his commands, that we love him, that we love people, and that we enjoy him more than anything else, and treat everyone with respect. We fight by serving. A quiet revolution. I think that would automatically make its way out in what we create. We speak when given the opportunity, but always our words need to emerge out of a life well-lived, consistent with what we claim. This means, I believe, we need to put much more effort into the practical life of living by the Spirit, than we do into understanding systematic theology, etc. Although, your articles written toward exploring theology have been helpful, so I’m not knockin’ them. Good work on this, Travis. 🙂

    • Travis Perry says:

      I said in my post on how to engage in spiritual war that it is to in essence live for God in a strong way–that the armor of God is living virtues for God.

      This call for Christian creators to step up is specific to us. Because we could do better than we do–in my opinion obviously.

    • notleia, untrue Scotsman says:

      I feel this very much, because the sort of people who promote spiritual warfare imagery are like the sort of militia or survivalist cosplayers who give gun rights a horrible, horrible image.
      It’s more like LARP than anything else, but not fun LARP, just the chunibyo type that makes my spine want to leave my body from secondhand cringe.

      Travis isn’t bad (however tsundere he gets), because he has a solid grounding in reality (of warfare or otherwise).

      Y’know, I should just an article (or series) about wish fulfillment fiction, chunibyo, fluff reading, and the ways they intermingle. It’ll probably be mostly a discussion about good bad taste and bad bad taste.

  4. Btw, has anyone else been having trouble posting comments, particularly on the podcasts section? The last couple days I’ve mainly been able to post from my phone, but I wasn’t even able to post on the podcasts section from my phone. I get an invalid captcha code error each time I try posting on the podcasts area, and when I try putting in the new captcha code, I get a Duplicate Comment Error, even though the comment doesn’t show up.

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